May 2020

A friendly appraisal

The Fall of the Berlin Wall (November 1989), the first free multi-party elections in Croatia (April-May 1990), the Declaration of Croatia’s independence (June 1991), and the liberation of the Serb-occupied territories (August 1995) apparently the end of Communism, Yugoslavism and/or greater-Serbianism in Croatia. It seemed like the dawn of a new era had arrived. Such a happy memory!

As the specter of neo-Marxism is menacing the West generally, in Croatia the old Bolshevism, Titoism, Yugoslavism, and even greater-Serbianism are alive and well. The old nomenklatura has changed its appearance but not its modus operandi. In the current neo-Marxist atmosphere of the West, the revived totalitarian forces in Croatia conceal themselves under a new cloak, as the torchbearers of liberty. In realty, however, they are modern inquisitors, attacking individuals, associations, and institutions that do not fit their ideological purity tests. While demanding tolerance, they themselves are extremely intolerant.  In the name of democracy, they use totalitarian methods to suppress all opposing views. Unfortunately, they are financed not only by wealthy international sympathizers but also by unwilling taxpayers in the country.

For example, a few months ago the city of Rijeka reconstructed a large Communist red star on top of a high-rise and decorated its streets with Yugo-Communist flags. Instead of moving forward towards the future, the city’s political leaders look back to the “good old days” of Communism as the road to a “brighter future.” Croatian culture, religion, and traditional values are frequently ridiculed by ideologues claiming they are only expressing “artistic freedom.” The government and foreign sponsored mass media are especially vigilant when pursuing those who oppose fascist “antifa,” in their endeavor to curtail freedom of expression.

For example, the proclaimed mission of the portal is to evaluate (especially for Facebook) the accuracy of published facts in Croatian mass media. In actuality, however, the portal and those who stand behind it are blatant modern inquisitors. While defining the truth and determining the rules of behavior for others, in reality they are constraining freedom of speech and are at the forefront of creeping censorship in the country. The law that regulates the electronic media does not apply to, nor to its publisher GONG (an NGO founded in 1997 to monitor elections). They are above the law and are self-proclaimed censors of electronic media in Croatia. Similar portals and NGOs are strangling liberty and democracy so much that they are fading away into a new form of totalitarianism.

In summary, in Croatia today, there are social segments that look backward hoping to strengthen the old Bolshevik/Titoist ideology. They have retained the old network of mutual interests. But such groupings are not hard to recognize nor is it difficult to uncover their illegally acquired wealth. The globalist neo-Marxist forces, in Croatia and elsewhere, on the other hand, are much more fluid. They are not organized in political parties because they do not believe in democracy. They do not fight for their ideals and goals in the open parliamentary arena. They work under the guise of NGOs and various minorities. By imposing an atmosphere of fear and political correctness, they make sure that the existing political parties and institutions do their biddings. They are professional parasites living off the society they desire to destroy. The ultimate goal of their revolutionary ideology is a world without countries, nations, citizenships, political parties, religion, family structure, without links to the past ― a world of individuals who will be totally free, to the point that they will be free from their own liberty, as well!

It would be logical here to appeal to the Government of Croatia and to the Croatian political “elite”, in order to protect freedom of speech and all other freedoms in the country. But that would be useless, because, unfortunately, the government and the “elites,” for the most part, have already become victims themselves. And thus, the “elites” have become a major obstacle for a better future of the Croatian nation. In view of this situation, we can only say: Croatians, wake up before it is too late! “Get out the vote” on July 5, 2020!

Ante Čuvalo, Ph. D.

End of May 2020

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