Meier, Viktor – Yugoslavia: A History of its Demise

 Translated by Sabrina P. Ramet.Yugoslavia: A History of its Demise. London and New York: Routledge, 1999. xvii, 280 p. $27.99

     Yugoslavia: A History of its Demise tells the story of the disintegration and collapse of the former Yugoslavia. Commencing with the death of Tito, Viktor Meier discusses the role of the regions of Yugoslavia, including Macedonia, and in particular emphasizes the crucial part played by Slovenia before the outbreak of war in 1991. Drawing on federal and republican archives, especially in Slovenia, he analyses sources which are not officially open. He also discusses: the legacy of Tito’s regime, the constellation of personalities who dominated the Yugoslav stage during its dismemberment, the beginning of the end, in the late 1980s, when the military initiated a policy of permanent threat against Slovenia and the Serbian leadership worked to liquidate the autonomy of Kosovo, attempts to find a peaceful solution, including the proposal for a Yugoslav confederation, political conditions in Macedonia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Western policy toward Yugoslavia’s disintegration.

     “Relativism is beguiling, because it seems so ‘fair’. But relativism is also facile, offering the appearance of wisdom for those who lack either the time or the patience to sort out the facts. Viktor Meier’s “Yugoslavia: A History of its Demise makes a major contribution toward torpedoing relativist analyses about the Yugoslav crisis.” Sabrina P. Ramet